Welcome to the website of a small indie iOS app developer. Buchen, a bookmark manager, is my first app and developed entirely with SwiftUI. Further improvements to Buchen and future apps are on their way.



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Buchen is a bookmark manager available for iOS and iPadOS, with an aim to give you full control over your bookmark data. Curating a list of bookmarks might seem like an old school idea. However, for those who want to do that, then you want an app that strives to make it easy to search and get at your data. Buchen aims to do this by providing many features and the ability to get your data out of the app with open, easy formats.

Here's a brief summary of some features of Buchen. In-depth information about features can be found in the app under Settings -> Help.

[1] You can set bookmarks on a 'per bookmark' basis to open in a specific browser from a select list of popular browsers. If you you'd like to see another browser added feel free to reach out. If a browser does not exist on all your devices, do not worry, the link will simply open up in your default browser rather than just not working. One thing to keep in mind is that iOS won't let you target Safari so the Safari option is basically "the default browser". Once developers can target Safari specifically then I will make Browser selection more flexible.

[2] Imports can use standard bookmark HTML format, Firefox JSON back-up format or Buchen's JSON format. Exports can be done in the standard bookmark HTML format or Buchen's JSON format. You can read about the Buchen format in the app under Settings -> Help.

When the optional fields 'added date', 'tags', or 'notes' are available in either import format, Buchen will use those too. The standard Netscape HTML format doesn't support notes. However, if you use the Delicious / Pinboard extended HTML format, then your notes will be imported.

[3] There is general bookmark search shortcut and a tag based search shortcut. The tag based search can take multiple tags and you can decide if bookmarks must contain all bookmarks or can match one of the tags to help you filter down the bookmarks you're looking for.

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If you need any support with Buchen you can send your query via email.

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Plan Poke

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The Plan Poke finger / name client for iOS that brings this classic networking feature onto mobile devices.

If you don't know what fingering is about, you can read up about the finger protocol and if this sounds interesting you can create your own account on happynetbox.com by Ben Brown.

This client will work with any finger server. happynetbox.com is not mandatory but it is a modern take on the service and a great way for new comers to this protocol.

Currently, the app has the following features:

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